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Soep Leadership Series - Mike Martin

Many say our Foremen are the engines that drive Soep Painting. They are the first line of contact on any project and we rely on them to deliver results of the highest quality every single day.

In our Leadership Series we sit down with our talented Foreman to discuss the secrets to their success. From teambuilding to technology to training, our Foreman motivate their teams to achieve a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry.

How is your job different now from 6 months ago? These days we have adapted to an entirely new way of life. Normal practice now and for the foreseeable future consists of early morning temperatures checks, socially-distanced break areas and limited person-to-person exposure. This of course can slow and complicate the process of the regular day-to-day construction life, but we're providing a safer workplace for everyone.

What methods are you using to stay in touch with your general contractor contacts, other subs, etc.? The advancement in technology is really coming to fruition during these difficult times. Often I can opt to use one of the many varieties of video calls and photo sharing with a contractor to resolve an issue while avoiding any unnecessary face-to-face contact. It seems as though this may be the most efficient way to do things going forward.

How is the company continuing to delver unmatched service in this time of social distancing? Communication is key and with management just a call or text away for support I am always able to receive the necessary information I need to put forth an industry-leading product.

What sets Soep apart from competitors? What are some of those differentiating factors new/different these days? Over the many years Soep painting has been in business I believe we have developed a reputation for unmatched quality and service. We may see a challenges in day-to-day operations in the field but we face it head on and as expected, continue to deliver nothing but the best.

Are there any new, unanticipated challenges you’re facing on a regular basis? We may find at times there are new standards we must abide by to ensure everyone’s safety, but are always willing to accommodate to create a safe, efficient workplace.

How do you continue to use Soep’s Core Values to motivate and focus your team? I always like to stay Positive even when times get tough. We have have some of the best workers in the industry and some positive reinforcement goes a long way in ensuring a safe and efficient operation.


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