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Soep Leadership Series - Tim Traynor

Many say that our Foremen are the engines that drive Soep Painting. They are the first line of contact for everyone on the project and we rely on them to deliver results of the highest quality every single day.

In our new Leadership Series we’ll be sitting down with our talented Foreman to discuss the secrets to their success. We’re happy to kick things off today with Tim Traynor, a 20-year veteran of Team Soep and a highly trusted man in the field.

How is your job different now from 6 months ago?

A lot has changed in the last 6 months, like temperature checks on the way in to the building, I now have hand sanitizer with me at all times, masks/face coverings became a mandatory part of our safety routine, social distancing in work areas and breaks have became a necessary priority.

What methods are you using to stay in touch with your general contractor contacts, other subs, etc.?

There are very few in person meetings now, they are either teleconferencing/zoom meetings. Texts, emails and phone calls have become the norm. Utilizing technology like iPads is making this process much easier. We have adapted.

How is the company continuing to deliver unmatched service in this time of social distancing?

Pre-planning is a big component of our success right now. All deliveries have specific time frames so we must plan carefully around those. We also need to make sure that our man power is spread out, and have the necessary PPE to stay safe and get the job done efficiently.

What sets Soep apart from competitors? Are some of those differentiating factors new/different these days?

As construction stoppage was coming to an end, we had a number of virtual meetings on the new protocols, required paper work, PPE, and sanitizing procedures. By the time the job sites were allowed to open, we could hit the ground running with the necessary safety measures.

Are there any new, unanticipated challenges you’re facing on a regular basis?

Limiting the elevator capacity to four people has been challenging in a building with 63 floors and crews working in multiple areas. But again, we're doing everything we can to pre-plan so we're using our time efficiently and not waiting in line to get around the building.

How do you continue to use Soep’s Core Values to motivate and focus your team?

We may have new challenges but we still have projects to complete, deadlines to hit every day. The Core Values are as important now as ever. A Positive Attitude, Teamwork and Reliability are even more important in times like these.

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