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Soep Leadership Series - Domenic Lentini-Randall

How is your job different now from 6 months ago?

The workplace has evolved into a much more cautious environment regarding the spread of germs and coronavirus. We first do a temperature check and questionnaire for all employees at the beginning of each work day, we frequently wash and sanitize our hands, sanitize tools and equipment, we also wear face coverings all day and social distance as much as possible. All these new regulations keep everyone protected so that work can still be done safely and efficiently.

What methods are you using to stay in touch with your general contractor contacts, other subs, etc.?

Soep and other contractors alike have made communication very easy. Today we use email, phone, in-person socially-distanced meetings if necessary, and construction management apps such as Procore and Blue Beam.

How is the company continuing to delver unmatched service in this time of social distancing?

Despite the new safety measures and regulations we don't not let that affect our performance or quality. As with all projects we have ever done our goals have not changed. It's #1 Safety, #2 Quality, #3 Schedule. In that order every time.

What sets Soep apart from competitors? Are some of those differentiating factors new/different these days?

As we all know there are a lot of people out there that are just in it for the money, but not here. Soep management and senior leadership are knowledgeable and deeply care about the quality and services that are provided to the customers, as well as the safety of their crews.

Are there any new, unanticipated challenges you’re facing on a regular basis?

As with most projects there are many challenges to overcome, so it feels like business as usual. When challenges present themselves we know if we have issues we cannot manage ourselves on-site we have the necessary support form our management team to help us succeed.

How do you continue to use Soep’s Core Values to motivate and focus your team?

What it all comes down to is caring about the job at hand and providing quality results to our customers. As a Foreman for SOEP, I strive to be a leader rather than a boss. That always helps me to motivate my team and instill our Core Values.


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