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Who We Are


At Soep, our Core Values guide us each and every day. All team members follow these values and behaviors at all times whether in the office or at a job site. Our Core Values are what make us a successful company and a great place to work.


 At Soep, all team members share a singular goal to be the region's top painting and specialty services, contractor. Each member of our team abides by our Core Values and is in step with the team’s shared goals, plans, and values. We are consistently learning, working diligently, taking on new tasks, and staying focused on short and long-term goals. We do what is best for the team, build relationships and support one another.


Soep Painting is committed to a healthy, safe and incident-free work environment and considers safety first in everything we do. We maintain a safe work environment through a variety of resources including our award-winning safety training program, inspections, and personal protective equipment, controls, and monitoring.

Our stringent policies, programs, and continued education meet or exceed all state and federal standards and require the constant participation of all levels of management and team members. Soep is also a licensed de-leader by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards. As the project requires, we utilize appropriate containment, environmental controls, and disposal methods to collect and prevent the spread of dust, debris, and other hazards. We use state-of-the-art environmental controls to protect the environment, and as needed to artificially improve it for optimal applications even under adverse conditions, to manage airflow, air contaminants, humidity, and temperature.

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