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Meet Our Team! Kelly Roach: Foreman

How long have you worked at Soep? I've worked for Soep for 5 years.

What do you feel is unique about working at Soep? The unique thing about working for Soep is the diversity of our employees. Members of our team come from all different kinds of backgrounds. It's nice that no matter where we come from, or what our previous experiences are, everyone pulls together to each and every project fun and exciting to be part of and also successful.

How is your role critical to the strategic vision and success of Soep? My role is critical in that I always give 100%. In doing so I believe others follow suit and it helps to create a culture of excellence day-in and day-out.

What is the most memorable project you’ve been involved with at Soep? I would have to say a project known as 33 Elmwood. It was a house over 250 years old and it was the first project I oversaw as a foreman. It was nice to be part of a project that had such historical value.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job? I would definitely say the finished project. It's nice to watch the project progress on a daily basis to become the finished project. It's also nice when the customer appreciates the hard work and is happy with our finished product.

Which of Soep's Core Values is most critical to the company's success? I think all the Core Values are equally critical. All Core Value are always front of mind and by utilizing them we produce a quality of work that is unmatched by the competition.

When I’m not at work, you’ll find me… On my motorcycle, playing softball, or just relaxing and enjoying life.

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