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Meet Our Team! Colin Burke: Project Accountant

How long have you been working for Soep? I started May 14th so just about five months now.

What did you do for work before coming to Soep? I worked for a utility contractor in Boston as an accountant.

What is different about Soep than other places you have worked? The first company I worked for was my first job out of school and was a much smaller and less inclusive office than what we have here. At Soep there is a very welcoming environment and everyone is genuinely friendly and helpful to one another.

What are your contributions like on a daily basis? I work closely with the project managers to keep track of the time and materials that accumulate on their jobs. We regularly review all charges and verify that we're on budget for the applicable time periods. After that, I'm then responsible for billing out to the general contractors and then continuing the process throughout the life cycle of a project.

What is the most satisfying aspect of what you do? I take pride in ensuring that the company is compensated for all the work happening out it the field. It's satisfying to see checks come in the door and know that a project or a milestone was completed.

Which one of Soep's Core Values speaks to you the most? For me, it's all about being a Team Player. You can really feel that everyone here is working towards the same goal.

What are some of your interests outside of work? I really enjoy golf and hockey. I'm not able to play as much hockey as I used to but I sometimes help a friend with the team he coaches. It's great to be out on the ice and working on some skills with the players.

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