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Soep "Family Tree" Series: The Ferro Brothers

Todd Ferro, Bruce Ferro, Billy Perkins and Jim Ferro

Priding ourselves on being a family-owned and family-oriented business, we're fortunate to continue to showcase some of the many families who have helped to make Soep successful over the years. This week we're happy to feature longtime veterans of our Industrial team, The Ferro Brothers!

The story of the Ferros begins back in the early 1990s. Prior to joining Soep, Bruce Ferro and his brother Jim were working for a competitor but were searching for something more for their professional lives. They wanted a career and a company where they felt their contributions would make a greater impact. Bruce was thrilled when he first joined Soep in 1993 and shortly thereafter brought along Jim. Both brothers began work on our Deer Island project, a massive, multi-year initiative that helped to launch the careers of so many at Soep.

Expanding the Crew

Shortly after Bruce and Jim joined the team, their brothers Todd and Billy Perkins came along as well. Over the years brothers-in-law, sons, and nephews have all worked for the Soep in varying roles. Bruce, Jim, Todd, and Billy have stayed along for the ride the entire time and they have close to 100 years total of experience working for Soep.

Bruce now serves as a Project Manager / Estimator for the Industrial team while Jim, Todd, and Billy are all foremen. From the start, the Ferro Brothers worked hard, put the team first and that has led to such long-term success across the board. After all the time with everyone working so closely together, Bruce jokes his family "talks more about work than anything else at Thanksgiving dinner."

We thank the Ferros for all of their years of hard work and dedication. We hope you stay tuned for the next edition of the Soep Family Tree series.

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