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Soep "Family Tree" Series: The Adduci Brothers

Meet the Adduci Brothers! Brian Adduci, now a Field Supervisor, began his work at Soep as a journeyman in 1998. With several years of experience as a machinist in a previous life, Brian first began his career with Soep on the Deer Island project taking care of the equipment and machinery that was used on the project.

Like so many others in that time period, Brian was brought into the company by Bruce Ferro and worked for a period of time at Deer Island, learning the ins and outs of the Industrial side of the business. Over the year Brian worked tirelessly to move his way up the ranks and now serves as Field Supervisor for all Industrial work.

Brian's brother Mike's journey with Soep began a little differently. After completing his service in the Air Force, Mike moved back to Massachusetts from California in the early 2000s. After working a somewhat unfulfilling construction job, Mike finally took his brother's advice and in 2002 joined the team as a journeyman. On top of his work for Soep, Mike is still an active duty member for the Air National Guard, the only member of Team Soep that currently serves in the Armed Forces in any capacity. Between the Air Force and Air National Guard, Mike has logged 28 years of service, and counting.

Passion For The Job

Being with the company for so long, the Adduci brothers know what it takes to get the job done, and pride themselves on giving 110% day-in and day-out to make sure the project gets done and gets done well. If there is any extra work that needs to get done, and somebody needs to stay late, both Mike and Brian will volunteer without hesitation no matter the task.

The biggest reason they cite for staying with Soep for so long is that "it has that family feel and every individual ends up playing a big part of every job. We're not just co-workers, we're teammates."

As for what sets Soep apart from others, Brian and Mike believe that hard work really is the key to success. Brian goes on to say that in order to be successful here at Soep, "You have to buy into the company AND do the work. It's one thing to believe in the Core Values, you also have to work hard."

Brother's Intuition

With Brian as his supervisor, Mike often can anticipate what his brother is thinking before anything is even said, making for a strong and effectively working relationship. As for what the two brothers like most about working with each other, both point out each other's positive attitudes and hustle. Says Brian about this brother, "Mike is the hardest worker I know and brings nothing but positive energy to the job."

Even though Brian and Mike no longer side-by-side on projects together, they still speak on the phone at least once a day about ongoing projects and work that needs to get done. When the work-day is over, the tight-knit duo go back to their homes in the same neighborhood in Halifax, Massachusetts.

We love having Brian and Mike as part of the Soep family and are honored to share their story with the rest of our family. Be sure to stay tuned to see who we showcase in our next Family Tree blog!

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