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Meet Our Team! Matt Keenan: Foreman

How long have you worked at Soep? I have been with Soep for just over a year now

What do you feel is unique about working at Soep? Soep has the quality, experience and reputation that can't be beat by other shops.

How is your role critical to the strategic vision and success of Soep? My role is to identify and understand the full scope of a project before developing a plan of execution. It's my responsibility to make sure we're operating as efficiently as we can.

What is the most memorable project you’ve been involved with at Soep? The Dana-Farber Smith Center Project. It was pretty fascinating to see first-hand a brand new treatment for cancer cell manipulation

What is the most satisfying aspect of your job? I love being able to see a project throughout all of it's stages. Starting with a clean canvas and then watching it all come together is incredibly satisfying.

Which of Soep’s Core Values do you feel is the most critical to the company’s success? Team work. I am very fortunate to work with so many talented people both in the field and the office. We all need each others' contributions to make everything work seamlessly.

Finish the sentence. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me… Being a father of 3 it's soccer fields during the school year and yacht club during the summers.

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