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Meet Our Team! Matt Griffin: Warehouse Manager

How long have you worked at Soep? I have been with Soep for two months now.

In the short amount of time you have worked at Soep, what feels different about working here? For one, it is extremely fast-paced, and we have a lot of different projects with very different materials and supplies that need to get to our jobsites. I've worked in the painting industry for many years, but at Soep we have many other lines of business that I'm learning more about every day. Things like sprayfoam insulation, specialty flooring, and line striping as well.

How is your role critical to the strategic vision and success of Soep? I think every part of what I do is critical. If I'm not doing my job effectively then we don't have all the necessary supplies at our job sites. Without the right supplies then no one can get their job done. From paint to sprayfoam to intumescent fireproofing, it's my responsibility to ensure we have everything we need.

In the short amount you've worked for Soep, what has been your most memorable experience? I'm impressed with the size of some or our jobs. The amount of paint and supplies that are coming in and out of the warehouse is pretty amazing

Finish the sentence. When I’m not at work, you’ll find me… I love to fish for bass and carp and I'm really into cars as well. On a good weekend I'm able to spend some time fishing and at a car show.

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