Waterproofing & Building Envelope System

For years clients have asked The Soep Companies to expand our scope of work to include waterproofing services. So why did it take us so long to answer those requests? Simply, we had to make sure we were ready to exceed your expectations with the same high standards that our clients have come to know from a Soep Specialized Service Group. Through very careful planning and assembly of an "all-star" team that includes highly experienced estimators, project managers and skilled craftsmen, The Soep Company is proud to have introduced our Waterproofing & Building Envelope Systems Service Group

The soep waterproofing & building envelope systems service group provides a variety of restoration and remedial waterproofing services in addition to specializing in preventive waterproofing on new construction projects. Our clients have benefitted by realizing the value of packaging waterproofing, spray foam, as well as air/vapor barrier systems with one company. Our service group is active in commercial, industrial, and institutional construction for municipal and private projects.Although our principal service is as a contractor for commercial, industrial and institutional construction for municipal and private projects, our waterproofing & building envelope systems service group also offers waterproofing and restoration consultation services to architects, engineers, and building owners on new construction and rehabilitation projects.

  • Pressure injection chemical grouts

  • Caulking & sealants

  • Waterproofing systems

  • Parking deck membrane & coatings systems

  • Expansion joints

  • Liquid & sheet air/vapor barrier systems

  • Exterior waterproof coatings

  • Water intrusion diagnostics & leak investigation

  • Masonry restoration & protection

  • Concrete restoration & protection