Specialty Services Group

Davis Center - University of Vermont

The Davis Center was designed to serve as the gateway between the community and the college. BASF Walltite spray polyurethane foam was installed to serve as both the insulation and the air/vapor barrier. 85,000 square feet of polyurethane foam was installed in a short period of time, helping the owners to meet an aggressive construction schedule.


We used BASF Walltite Air & Vapor Barrier System behind the exterior metal panels on the face of the building and the underside of cantilevered occupied space at this new SquashBusters facility at Northeastern University. Our Specialty Service Group impressed CBT Architects with added-value engineering, product knowledge, and high quality installation.

Marriot Hotel -Boston Harbor

This 20 story hotel is located in downtown Boston. At the request of Marriott International, The Soep Companies' spray polyurethane foam & air/vapor barrier system service group worked directly for the project's owners.

Boston University

This high profile level-3 laboratory project needed an extremely tight seal at the exterior precast wall panels to ensure that there will be no unexpected air movement from the inside the building to the outside. The SOEP Companies in conjunction with the projects engineers used BASF Walltite as an effective solution to this challenge. The general contractor, Turner-McCarthy, was extremely impressed with Team SOEP's value added engineering and ability to perform.

Nouvelle Residences at Natick Mall

Soep was awarded the work on this condo project built adjacent to the then-brand-new Natick Mall. The team utilizied two highly specialized spray systems along with two separate crews to complete this massive insulation job in record time.

Neponset Landing

The development stage of this project put SOEP's value-added skills to the test. With a schedule that put application of the air/vapor barrier and spray foam insulation in the middle of the winter cold, special precautions were required. The Specialty Service Group worked closely with the general contractor Lee Kennedy to fine tune the application and details of this precast panel insulation project.

Piano Row - Emerson College

Our scope of work was to apply the BASF Walltite polyurethane spray foam to a 17,000 square foot slurry wall, three stories below ground. The slurry wall had a drainage mat mechanically fastened to it by Chapman Waterproofing. You would never be able to get the continuity if you tried to insulate with board stock.

James & Stearns - Amherst College

Soep was responsible for installing the peel-and-stick membranes at window and door openings. We tested for moisture prior to applying the specified polyurethane spray foam. The transition membranes were installed at window openings to prepare the wall for polyurethane spray foam. Then we applied BASF Walltite spray foam to the block back-up wall.

Waterworks Whitehall

SOEP first installed a drainage mat over the brick wall, providing a "drying space" in the case of water getting through the two-foot-tall brick walls. We then installed 2½ inches of spray foam over the drainage mat to prepare the wall for drywall. The exterior wall was completely sealed with the BASF Walltite system. We were also able to seal around all the steel beams to provide the owner with a monolithic insulation and air barrier system.

University of Vermont

At the University of Vermont, we installed the Walltite spray foam at the gable end and stair tower. Our professional applicator, Billy, installed the Walltite along the south side of the building. He sprayed between the Z channels, which will support the metal panel system. The spray foam provides the best continuity; you get 100% contact with your substrate, everything is sealed up and ready for the mason. Our spray foam air barrier system sped up the construction schedule, was less expensive to install, and provides a better system for the owner.

Academy Center

We applied spray foam insulation between interior steel studs before applying spray foam insulation to an interior brick wall. After the walls were installed by the drywall contractor, the mechanical room received foam insulation to the walls and roof areas. We then applied spray foam to the exterior wall cavity, making The Academy Center's new entrance ready for the installation of brick façade.

Cabot Hall - Tufts University

On this project, we teamed up with Phoenix Bay State Construction to install the Air and Vapor Barrier System. We applied the BASF Walltite polyurethane spray foam insulation over the Dens Glass Gold back-up wall. Then we set spray foam in place and everything was ready for Phoenix Bay State's masons to install the brick veneer. The polyurethane spray foam is a superior system to traditional board stock insulation systems.