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Industrial or Commercial Paint? Which one is right for my needs?

Paint is one of the most versatile coating options for making structures, interior spaces, and even holding tanks more durable and attractive. However, you only get the results you need by choosing the right paint or coating in the first place. Commercial and industrial painting services may sound interchangeable to some, but they're actually very different.

Industrial Painting


Industrial paints are specialty formulas relying on heavy duty binders like epoxy, polymer resins, and other strong bonding agents. These paints are designed to withstand corrosion, extreme heat, high pressure, and other difficult conditions present in manufacturing facilities and other industrial environments. Industrial paint services are primarily used for applications like:

  • Containing corrosion and lining storage containers with reactive contents

  • Slowing or preventing the spread of fire

  • Protecting specialty equipment from damage

  • Sealing water treatment facilities, including waste water treatment plants

  • Separating steel and concrete to slow the breakdown of both materials

  • Power plants and other massive infrastructure projects

Commercial Painting


Any paint required for the interior or exterior of a business, school, government building, or other public area should meet commercial specifications. These paints are tougher than the mixes used for residential projects, allowing businesses with heavy traffic to get more out of each application and stretch the time between re-coatings. Common applications for commercial services include:

  • Interior latex for hotels, hospitals, and large-scale facilities

  • Full office renovations

  • Covering of water, smoke, and corrosion damage

  • Exterior coatings with minimal disruption to the business

  • Installation of new wall paper or other wall coverings

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